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About AMAK

Our Company In Glance

Al-Masane Al-Kobra Mining Co. (AMAK) is a private mining company registered and licensed by the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources and is located in the Najran region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Since inception in 2008, Al Masane Al Kobra Mining Company has adopted a long- term advanced business strategy, based on the research and sustainable growth of its technical and operational infrastructure to support all of its various activities. AMAK aims to achieve an array of a major successes in order to be the leader in the private mining sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The company applies all business requirements related to this field, including exploration, processing, smelting, and mining in line with the latest and advanced global best practices.

The company began commercial production of copper and zinc concentrates in 2012, with the areas where it invests extending to include various and wide geological areas in the southern area of the Kingdom, such as the Al Masane Underground Mine, which covers three areas: Saadah, Al-Houra and Moyeath. A new underground portal was inaugurated by the company in 2019 to reach the third mining zone in Moyeath.

AMAK has become one of the major mining companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, that produces copper, zinc, gold, and silver in distinct commercial quantities, adopting an advanced business model that is based on extending the life of the mine to increase mineral resources, identify and follow up the exploration of similar promising deposits in the Kingdom or abroad, ensuring a safe working environment wherein the human capital is absolutely the most important asset of the company.

As part of its advanced professional practices that it applies in all its activities and events within its work channels, AMAK adopts the highest standards of governance of strategic relationships with the community environment during development of its projects. The company strives to achieve the real development of the community, while maintaining the integrity of the geographical and environmental ambience in accordance with the highest professional standards applied globally in this field.