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Investor Relations

Investors relations is the link between the company and its shareholders, its current and prospective investors. It is the body authorized to manage the communication between CMA and the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul).The Investors Relations Department is concerned with developing and improving relations between shareholders and AMAK. Investor Relations follows up on the distribution of profits from the shares to be distributed, as well as managing, organizing and keeping shareholders’ records and receiving and responding to all their inquiries.Notice to all shareholders of companies listed on Tadawul.
The Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) would like to point out to all shareholders of the listed companies who hold stock certificates that have not been deposited in investment portfolios, the importance of depositing these certificates in their portfolios because of the many benefits and advantages that this brings, including
Accordingly, Tadawul, in coordination and cooperation with the Capital Market Authority and joint stock companies, facilitates the procedures for depositing certificates in investment portfolios and to make it possible to search for the holders of certificates through Tadawulaty website