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Nuthree Visit

In continuation of AMAK’s support for national programes, Almasane Alkobra Mining Co. (AMAK) welcomed on , Monday, October 16, 2023, at its mine headquarters in the Joshan area in the Thar Governorate of Najran region, some of the participants and those in charge of the “Nuthree” Mining Exploration Incubator initiative.

AMAK introduced the participants in the initiative about the company, and the visit began by educating the visitors about security and safety procedures, then making visiting tours of the Almasane and Guyan mines, visiting the Masnaa mine expansion project (Moyeath reservoir), and going down to the underground mine.

In addition to informing them about the processing of ore in the plant, the visit included a training workshop and dialogue sessions with experts and specialists in the field of mining exploration.